Affinity Change Log

From Harmony Lists KB

November 5, 2020

  • Fixed an issue where a list member that is subscribed to one mailman list unsubscribes but some of his user data is retained. This was due to an intentional design approach by the Mailman 3 core developers. We decided that a one list subscriber rightfully had the right to expect all user data to be removed when unsubscribing. So, when a one list subscriber unsubscribes from a list, all of their data is removed from our server. This only applies to those list members that do not have a registered Affinity user account.
  • Fixed a bug where an Affinity account holder intentionally deletes their account, some of their user data was being retained by the Affinity system. Now when an Affinity account holder deletes their account, all user data is removed.

October 9, 2020

  • Prevent the use of email addresses with upper-case letters when someone is creating an Affinity user account.
  • Added additional sorting options for the Server Owner board and its panels, i.e. Domains, List Owners, and Mailing Lists panels.
  • Fixed a bug that impacted the additional editing of custom templates within the List Owner board.